Mobile Phones Under 25000

Best Mobile Phones Under 25000

You can grab a phone with high-end features, but the cost of the phone is pretty low. If your budget is around Mobile Phones Under 25000, you can bag a lot of features at that price. The biggest problem is that lots of companies are offering excellent phones in this price range. As a buyer, it is an excellent opportunity for you, and at the same time, it will place you in a tough spot! You have to choose which phone to buy among the ones offered to you.

You must have a specific requirement. Going through the specifications of the phone is necessary. You have to choose a phone that caters to all the relevant needs you have. Once you are sure about the offerings of the phone, you can quickly grab that. While buying a phone, go through all the websites and different offers going on. Compare the features of the phone with its contemporaries and, of course, compare the price of the phone on different portals before buying that.

Here Is List Of Top 5 Mobile Phone Under 25000

Best Mobile Phones Under 25000Check Live Price
1. Oneplus NordCheck Price
2. Vivo V20Check Price
3. Realme X3 SuperzoomCheck Price
4. Samsung Galaxy M51Check Price
5. Redmi K20 proCheck Price

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5. Redmi K20 Pro

With high-end features and fantastic functionalities, this is undoubtedly a flagship killer for sure. The K20 pro is available in India, and the rest of the world gets the same phone in another name; Redmi 9T pro. You can face lots of apps in the Redmi store. The phone is packed with fantastic features and beautiful functions. From a notch-free smart look to every single feature you expect from a flagship phone, you will get that in this mobile for sure. This is one of the best phones ever made in the house of Xiaomi.

Best Mobile Phones Under 25000 1
PROCESSORSnapdragon 855 Processor
GPUAdreno 640
Front Camera48MP + 13MP + 8MP
Rear Camera20MP
DISPLAY6.39-inch, Full HD+ Display
OSAndroid 9

Reason To Buy

  • Notch-free AMOLED screen with an ultra-fast fingerprint scanner.
  • This phone comes with the flagship Snapdragon 855 chip.
  • The performance of the phone is beyond fantastic.
  • This phone comes with Gorilla glass protection.
  • It also has fast charging, and, of course, a wonderful display.
  • The camera features are lovely.

Reason To Avoid

  • No microSD slot is available.
  • No dust or water resistance

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4. Samsung Galaxy M51

This phone is offered from the house of Samsung, mainly catering to the need for high-end battery life. Most of the users have been looking for a phone that can provide such fantastic battery life. But this phone offers other features! This phone comes with a good camera, which is another essential feature for all Samsung smartphones. This phone also has a beautiful AMOLED display. This mid-level handset is pretty competent in the market, and the makers are very confident with this mid-range phone from Samsung.

Best Mobile Phones Under 25000 2
PROCESSORSnapdragon 730G Processor
GPUAdreno 618
Front Camera64MP + 12MP + 5MP + 5MP
Rear Camera32MP
DISPLAY6.7-inch, Full HD+ AMOLED Display
OSAndroid 10

Reason To Buy

  • Grab a fantastic fast charging facility at such a low price
  • Get the warranty from the house of Samsung
  • This phone offers a high-end AMOLED display.
  • Quality pictures and videos are available with this phone.
  • You will get a dedicated memory slot, which makes it a good pick in this price range.

Reason To Avoid

  • 60fps video recording is not available
  • Fingerprint sensor positioning is a bit awkward for the users.

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3. Realme X3 Superzoom

This phone comes from a trustworthy company like Realme. This company has a huge fan base across the world. This particular phone comes with a 5x periscope, which is, of course, one of the main reasons for buying this phone. This phone offers ultra-wide selfies, and undoubtedly, this is the best option in this category. The camera is the main attraction of the phone, and this one feature helps the phone win millions of hearts. The 120Hz display is a super clean and stylish one. You won’t believe that you will bag such an excellent phone at such a low price.

Best Mobile Phones Under 25000 3
PROCESSORSnapdragon 855+ Processor
GPUAdreno 640
Front Camera64MP + 8MP + 8MP + 2MP
Rear Camera32MP + 8MP
DISPLAY6.57-inch, Full HD+ AMOLED Display
OSAndroid 10

Reason To Buy

  • Fast charging saves a lot of time on your day.
  • You will get feature-rich software on this phone.
  • The battery life of this phone is excellent.
  • This phone comes with a brilliant ultra-wide camera and 5X telephoto lens. The whole package is fantastic.
  • Excellent and quick User Interface makes it a perfect choice for Gen Y.

Reason To Avoid

  • There’s no micro SD slot and no headphone jack available.
  • The quirky refresh rate limitations are undoubtedly a big drawback.

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2. Vivo V20

Vivo is a famous brand across the world. The main reason for choosing this brand’s phones is the look and finishing of the phone and, of course, the cameras they provide with the phone. Vivo has started this tradition of putting high-end camera features in smartphones. This phone is also no exception. This phone also comes with a fantastic chipset, excellent performance, and, of course, a beautifully built outer case. The style quotient of the user will be high.

Best Mobile Phones Under 25000 4
PROCESSORSnapdragon 720G Processor
GPUAdreno 618
Front Camera64MP + 8MP + 2MP
Rear Camera44MP
DISPLAY6.4-inch, Full HD+ AMOLED Display
OSAndroid 11

Reason To Buy

  • The sleek design is going to attract everyone.
  • fantastic design with a compact feature.
  • 8GB/128 GB memory configuration makes it a perfect phone for everyone.
  • Fast charging is available.
  • The battery life is unmatchable.
  • It comes with Funtouch 11, which makes it an ideal phone for every user.
  • This stylish phone comes with a bright AMOLED display.

Reason To Avoid

  • Other phones in this price range offer more.
  • Ultra-wide features of this phone camera are not useful.

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1. One Plus Nord 5G

You are going to bag a high-end phone at a mid-range price. This is a very affordable phone with all the fantastic features of Oneplus. You can get the quickest charging facility with the Oneplus’s Dash charging. This phone offers excellent performance, and this also has a decent battery life. This well-designed smartphone comes with a stylish outlook and great display. The action-packed smartphone is a clone version of Oneplus’s flagship phone, Oneplus 8!

This phone is not available in all parts of the world. But if it is available in your region, you can pick it up without a doubt because this is the best phone in this price range. To bag all the fantastic features, you should go ahead and buy an Oneplus Nord for sure.

Best Mobile Phones Under 25000 5
PROCESSORSnapdragon 765G Processor
GPUAdreno 620
Front Camera48MP + 8MP + 2MP
Rear Camera32MP + 8MP
DISPLAY6.4-inch, Full HD+ AMOLED Display
OSAndroid 10

Reason To Buy

  • fantastic build quality
  • Wonderful design
  • High-end software
  • Fantastic user interface. The fast nature of the UI attracts all the users.
  • Fast charging with a fantastic battery life

Reason To Avoid

  • Ultra-wide camera performance is not good
  • Minor display and software issues.
  • Camera Need Better Optimization

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Final List

SNProduct Name
1One Plus Nord
2Vivo V20
3Realme X3 Superzoom
4Samsung Galaxy M51
5Redmi K20 pro

Final Words

With the lockdown going on across the world, the need for mid-range phones has risen. Students, professionals, artists, and everyone needs to work from home these days. Online classes are going on throughout the day; offices are arranging online meetings, etc. Hence the need for a good quality mid-range and affordable smartphone is the need of the hour. But before you plunge into the bandwagon of buying a Mobile Phones Under 25000 in this range, you need to consider a few points.


With the online classes going round, a phone with good battery life is something you should go for. The budget you set here is not for a flagship phone. So you might not expect a high-end battery life in these phones. Yet, you need to research a lot and buy a phone that offers a stable battery performance even in this budget. If you examine a bit, you can find that for sure.


If you manage all your office works with this phone, then you will need a phone with a good memory or storage. Generally, you can grab phones with 32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB storage space. According to your budget and your preferences, you should choose a phone. Keep in mind this storage thing while choosing your phone.


You need to attend classes and online group meetings these days. So, having a smartphone with a good camera is a necessity. You have to take pictures and send those to your teachers or colleagues. So to ease out your job, a phone with a good camera should be there.

Operating System

Generally, two popular operating systems are there; iOS and Android. According to your budget, you should choose which one you can afford. Android phones are pretty decent, and they are affordable too. The iOS phones come from the house of Apple. The price of these phones is on the high side. Choose wisely before finalizing a phone.


This is the final and the most crucial feature for sure. You have to choose a phone according to the affordability. You have to go for something that you can afford. So, check the price of the phone and then check the offers going on different websites. Buy the phone with the best offer available in the market.

Maintain all of these features and then choose a phone. Several other features are also there. Take your time, compare every element, and then only grab the mobile you want to buy.


Best phone brand to choose under 25k?

Undoubtedly, Oneplus Nord is the best phone in this category. You can grab the features of a flagship phone from the house of Oneplus in this budget!

Which phone’s camera is the best in this under 25k brand?

Realme offers you a 5x zoom, whereas Samsung provides an overall good camera. Now it’s your call which one to choose! If you still need the periscope feature, select the Realme.

Which brand is trustworthy?

All of the phone brands we have mentioned here are very popular. All of them have massive fan bases across the world. The features can go up and down with the budget, but every brand is trustworthy for sure.

Is there a dedicated memory card slot available?

In the Samsung galaxy m51, you will get this facility. A dedicated memory card slot is beneficial. A hybrid slot is not always suitable for users. They need to put two sim cards and the memory card as well. So having a dedicated slot is necessary.

Is a gaming phone available in this budget?

You can play mild or small games on every phone out there. But if you are looking for a dedicated gaming phone, then you have to pay more. Gaming phones have higher features.

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