HP Laptops under 30000

Best HP Laptops Under 30000

Hewlett-Packard or more commonly known as HP is a desktop computer and laptop manufacturing brand. HP is known for producing world-class, consumer-oriented products for their customers. HP strives to strike a balance between the price and the performance.
HP is one of the best laptop manufacturers in the world, who seeks to maintain quality performance, enduring long term battery life, and versatility in various aspects.

Today, we are going to see three power-packed budget HP Laptops Under 30000. 

The major competitors of HP are Dell, Lenovo, Acer, and MacBook. Though these laptops are all good, HP stands out as it endeavors to integrate power, performance, and durability at a budget price. However, they don’t have any shortage of extravagant products which come with additional functions compared to budget ones. HP produces laptops of various price ranges with numerous functions and specifications   

But first let us study the reasons, requirements, and aspects to consider while buying a laptop.

Best HP Laptops Under 30000Check Live Price
1. Hp 15 db1069AUCheck Price
2. Hp 245 G7 2D5Y6PACheck Price
3. Hp 250 G7 2A9A5PACheck Price
4. Hp 245 G7 2D8C6PACheck Price
5. Hp Chromebook 14a-na0002TUCheck Price

The novel coronavirus and lockdown have compelled people to work from home. The schools and colleges are conducting classes online through video conferences. This WFH and online classes have in turn lead to increased demand for laptops. Laptops and the internet have become a necessity in everyday life.

While buying the laptop there are some important aspects that you should consider. Making a list of your requirements in a laptop can make your buying options easy and simple. Some aspects to consider while buying a laptop are the brand, its configuration, software used, battery backup, storage, and good display.

Today people’s usage of multimedia platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, etc has stressed the importance of good audio and video in the laptop. Data transfer and data sharing can be done through good connectivity and hence the laptop should have good Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Other than this the laptop should have good battery backup, well-built quality, a genuine processor, and good keyboard spacing to ensure smooth typing.

The laptop should have a huge display with good color accuracy for people in the field of Photoshop and video editing. For students and people having online classes and frequent online meetings, there should be a good WebCam with built-in-micro phone and noise cancellation.

The Gamers and video editors should go for laptops that have fast refresh rates. People having desk jobs of continuous typing should pay extra attention to the keyboard spacing, size of buttons, and dedicated number pads. If the spacing is cramped and uneven, it would be difficult to type for long hours.

Now let’s see the 5 budget laptops of HP Laptops Under 30000

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5. Hp Chromebook 14a-na0002TU

Best HP Laptops Under 30000 1
PROCESSORIntel Celeron N4020
GPUIntel UHD 600 Graphics
DISPLAY14-inch, HD Display
OSChrome OS

Reason To Buy

  • 14-inches HD Display
  • Light Weight
  • Premium Design
  • Inbuild Intel UHD 600 Graphics card
  • Chrome OS

Reason To Avoid

  • Less Storage
  • Office Use Only

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4. Hp 245 G7 2D8C6PA

Best HP Laptops Under 30000 2
PROCESSORRyzen 3 Processor
GPURadeon Vega 6 GPU
DISPLAY14-inch, HD Display
Port2x 3.0, 1x 2.0
OSWindows 10 Home

Reason To Buy

  • 14-inch, HD Anti-Glare Display
  • Light Weight Laptop
  • Dual Speakers
  • In-Build Radeon Vega 6 GPU
  • Stylish Look

Reason To Avoid

  • No Optical Disk Drive
  • Battery Not That Good

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3. Hp 250 G7 2A9A5PA

Best HP Laptops Under 30000 3
PROCESSORIntel Celeron N4020
GPUIntel UHD 600
DISPLAY15.6-inch, HD Display
OSWindows 10 Home

Reason To Buy

  • An HD Resolution Display
  • Lighter Weight Laptop
  • Inbuild Intel UHD 600 Graphics card
  • Comes With 65W Charger

Reason To Avoid

  • No Optical Disk Drive
  • Poor Webcam Quality

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2. Hp 245 G7 2D5Y6PA

Best HP Laptops Under 30000 4
PROCESSORAMD Ryzen 5 Processor
GPURadeon Vega 8 Graphics
DISPLAY14-inch, FHD Display
OSWindows 10 Home

Reason To Buy

  • 1080p Full HD Resolution
  • Light and Stylish Laptop
  • Inbuild Radeon Vega 8 Graphics card
  • Window Home Genuine

Reason To Avoid

  • No Optical Disk Drive
  • No IPS Panel

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1. HP 15-db1069au

Best HP Laptops Under 30000 5
PROCESSORRyzen 3 Dual Processor
GPUAMD Radeon Vega 3
OSWindow 10 Base System

Reason To Buy

  • Good Battery Backup
  • Stylish Laptop
  • Full HD Blacklist Display
  • Inbuild AMD Radeon Vega 3Graphics processor
  • Window 10 Home Base
  • MS- Office Pre-Installed

Reason To Avoid

  • Webcam Not That Good
  • Little Bit Heavy Laptop

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Final Overview List

SNProduct Name
1Hp 15 db1069AU
2Hp 245 G7 2D5Y6PA
3Hp 250 G7 2A9A5PA
4Hp 245 G7 2D8C6PA
5Hp Chromebook 14a-na0002TU

Final Words

All the products mentioned above are good in their aspect; you have to choose the product which will best satisfy all your needs and requirements. So, first, you should make a list of your primary requirements for which you are buying a laptop. Though some secondary requirements may be overlooked, never compromise on your primary requirements.

If your primary requirements are to do office work and need a professional, durable, and light product then go for HP Chrome. If you require a product that is good for typing work and efficient for multitasking work with a good processor then purchase HP 15s eq0007AU. If you are looking for a laptop that gives good battery backup and fast charging capacity to last you for a longer time which is potable then buy HP 15 db 1069AU.

Buying HP Laptops Under 30000 is a huge investment not only in terms of money but also for our work. So, choose wisely and let me know in the comments which laptop do you prefer?


What is the strength of HP laptops?

HP is a world-renowned brand known for its excellent, power-efficient, and consumer-oriented products. It is also known for its quality, durability, and efficiency.

What is the ideal RAM size we should look for in the HP laptop?

The RAM size you should look for is 8 GB which will be sufficient for daily usage but if you are a user doing heavy work like gaming or video editing then you should go for 16 GB. Remember to look for RAM which is upgradable for the future.

What is the best software for HP laptops?

Most of the HP laptops come with Windows 7 Installed in it, which helps efficient working of Ms-Office. Even if the laptop comes with DOS, you can easily install Windows on your HP laptop.

Why should I buy an HP laptop when several other brands give cheaper

HP is a renowned manufacturing company that has been producing quality desktops and laptops since 1939. It has the goodwill of producing quality products at affordable rates.

Which are the key elements one should look at while buying an HP laptop?

One should look for a good vibrant display, well-spaced and sized keyboard, powerful battery backup, efficient storage capacity, and reliable processor.

Which processor is good Ryzen or Intel for HP laptops?

Here both the processor has its advantages. On one hand, Ryzen is very power efficient and cheap; while on the other hand, Intel is very stable and reliable but expensive.

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