Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000

Best Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000

In this time, when so many mobiles are being sold, smartphones are absolutely taking the upper hand, the way it has been in all these years. Previously, we had many options in hand before buying, but now these days, we have so many mobile features to talk about. From camera to battery life, to ram, Internal memory, the audio speaker, even for gamers, the screen’s size became a big point. But what happens is that at times the budget becomes restrictive when the customer has to select something from a particular range of budget, then whether or not the primary priorities they have are catered to under that Budget.

Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000 as a brand has not been serving for a long time, but yes, they give so many good features at a pocket-friendly budget that customers are going gaga over. All their demands are getting fulfilled. Here we will make detailed discussions of various Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000. And the price range of all the phones is below 8000 or around 8000. You can take the best of it.

Here is the list top 5 best Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000

Best Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000Check Live Price
1. Realme c11Check Price
2. Realme c2Check Price
3. Realme c1Check Price
4. Realme 3iCheck Price
5. Realme 1Check Price

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5. Realme 1

One of the greatest products so far Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000, it has a screen of 6.1 inches, and apart from that, the battery quality is also very powerful which is 3410 mAh. Both the cameras are so good that all kinds of pictures, even at night, come really well. 13 MP and 5MP both the cameras give satisfactory results. Snapdragon android has been used, storage is 32 GB, so all types of applications can get installed within no time and the quality of performance can also become really good. 3GB RAM which is also good and the possibility of hanging is slightly less here. Coming to the other points, face lock, customized applications all are there and do perform really well. The product comes in three types of variants, customers can choose accordingly.

Best Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000 1
PROCESSORMediaTek Helio P60
Battery3410 mAh
Rear Camera13 MP
Front Camera5MP
DISPLAY6.1 inches
OSAndroid v8

Reason To Buy

  • Good Camera
  • Good Battery Backup
  • MediaTek Helio P60 Processor
  • 1 Year Warranty

Reason To Avoid

  • Mostly on the dark side, the monitor is shown.
  • If it weren’t there, you would not even notice the Macro lens.
  • No 4K camera frame stabilisation.

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4. Realme 3i

This is one of the greatest products Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000, the price range is below 8 thousand. The diamond cut shape is all-pervasive and gives too many good effects. Coming to the camera segment it has 13 MP and 2 MP cameras. And the screen is around 6.22 inches. Which is quite big in size and gives absolute HD coverage. It has an internal 32 GB memory and is expandable up to 256 GB.

The battery life is 4230 mAh, which is any day greater than a lot of markets available products since here most of the uninterrupted service will be provided that too for the duration of 22hours. Any kind of game, online surfing, an online class can be done properly. It does give a proper outlook of a dewdrop. Available in more than colors. Features like kids’ space, clone apps, night vision, face recognition all are available. Good deal, good on service.

Best Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000 2
PROCESSORMediaTek Helio P60
Battery4230 mAh
Rear Camera13MP + 2MP
Front Camera13MP
DISPLAY6.22 inches
OSAndroid 9

Reason To Buy

  • Lightweight and compact Mobile
  • excellent fingerprint.
  • Adaptable configuration of a 13MP primary camera
  • Battery capacity reliable
  • Incredibly loud mics with a perfect tone
  • Intact 3.5mm audio jack

Reason To Avoid

  • Less Storage

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3. Realme c1

This product also happens to be one of the greatest mobiles under Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000 of this time. Where the size of the model seems to be 6.2 inches, coming to the camera size, cameras are both way 13 and 2 MP. Snapdragon android system has been used here, good memory feature. 32 GB memory which gets expanded to 256 GB. A lot of games other applications can get installed as well as 4230 mAh battery does give a good run in terms of giving service be it in times of talking over the phone, or playing online games, or doing business. The product comes in different colors, customers can choose accordingly. The 5 MP selfie camera is earning the brownie point here.

Best Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000 3
PROCESSORSnapdragon 450 Processor
Rear Camera13MP + 2MP
DISPLAY6.2 inches
OSAndroid 8

Reason To Buy

  • An excellent screen of 6.2″ 720p
  • A superior lifetime of battery, quick charge
  • Excellent accomplishment
  • Nice image view, night and day

Reason To Avoid

  • Android version 8

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2. Realme C2

This is also one of the greatest products at Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000 budget so far, the diamond finishing display with 6.1 inches. 4000 mah battery life, which anyhow runs very fast and gives a good amount of gaming, internet surfing, or simply speaking durations to the customers. Internal 32GB memory and can get expanded to 256 GB so the amount of installing gets really good when it comes to saving a lot of documents on the phone. The resolution of the phone is 1560×720 pixels.

Full HD recording is available here, with the option of using rare flash. The Helio p22 octa-core processor has been used here, every single application runs very smoothly at the phone, and that instance can be testified from various sources. AI face lock option is also available, and it only takes some milliseconds to complete the procedure. Apart from that google assistant can be of really good help when the customer wants to extract every bit of it.

Best Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000 4
PROCESSORHelio P22 octa-core processor
Front Camera5MP
Rear Camera13MP + 2MP
DISPLAY6.1 inches of HD display
OSAndroid 9

Reason To Buy

  • Realme Narzo 10 features the new Android OS 9 and the Realme 6.0 mobile experience.
  • It provides a 6.1-inch with an impressive HD resolution pixels per inch.
  • Realme c2 has a median chipset, Helio P22 (octa-core processor), has good system performance.
  • It supplies an uninterrupted 2GB RAM and an internal 32GB memory that supports expandable memory with a 256Gb dedicated slot.
  • Total HD video capture supports the primary camera.

Reason To Avoid

  • Heating problems are not smooth.
  • For the best immersive experience, no stereo speakers.
  • No support for NFC networking.

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1. Realme C11

This particular product has recently become very famous under the Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000, mainly due to its size, which is 6.5 inches. The platform is Android 10, and so many color options are available for this product. The battery life is too good, 5000 mAh battery, takes only a few minutes to get charged, even after so many hours of playing games, doing work or simply talking the battery stays intact, does not really bother that way. Mediatek Helio G35 good quality of processor has been used here, a great geometric design has been followed. 32GB memory, expandable up to 256 GB. 2GB RAM. 13MP dual camera, good on service, good on-demand too. It has a beautiful nightscape mode, through which the night visions can be captured perfectly.

Best Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000 5
PROCESSORMediatek Helio G35 processor
Rear Camera13MP + 2MP
Front Camera5MP
DISPLAY6.5 inches HD+display
OSAndroid 10

Reason To Buy

  • Big Screen 90Hz screen.
  • Quality of the latest 4G technology
  • Quick flaming charge
  • Matte Tempered Glass Waterproof frame
  • Quick fingerprints scanner, loud dual headphones

Reason To Avoid

  • The right IP rating would be higher.
  • No key camera Effectively disenfranchises
  • Ram Size Low

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SNProduct Name
1Realme c11
2Realme c2
3Realme c1
4Realme 3i
5Realme 1


While you are opting for phones like Realme Mobile Phones Under 8000, make enough research so that after buying you do not really regret, specify what you need, get a sorted list then match it with yours. Coming to the other various points just like the available issues, when the flash sale is going on, if you are opting for online buying have the knowledge of everything. Do not get confused while buying, what you need, you know it best, do not get influenced.


Which is Best Mobile Phone under 8000 Budget

There are way too many models, but mostly the ones who carry 32 GB internal memory and at least 2 GB RAM can be of a real good deal, also at times it comes convenient for the users to get 3D slots, and a good camera is all over a brownie point. So before buying the customer needs to go by these points and also have to acquire the best of the lot, pointing to a singular product will not be wise.

Which Phone Has the best Camera in 8000 Budget

A lot of products have a lot of good options, but if the customer is asking for a particular one then realme c11 is a really good deal. Because the added nightscape mode or a1 selfie camera does make you look good and provides satisfactory details.

Which Phone Has the best Performance in budget of 8000

Performance depends on the feature every brand offers, here also the same thing happens. Considering all the valid points the processor, camera, memory space the one which seems best, that one should be chosen.

Which Mobile brand is best in 8k Budget

Considering all the specifications, realme and redmi happen to be the one of those best brands. People get some exciting features which actually cost too much, but incorporating these into these brands makes everything easy.

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