Best Air Purifiers In India 2

Best Air Purifiers In India

It is not surprising to learn that people living in the cities are desperately searching for fresh and clean air. Today, air pollution has become a global issue. However, it has posed a major challenge for India as it ranks first in the list of the most polluted countries in the world.

Currently, without the Best air purifier, Indians are well-aware of the hazardous result of getting exposed to pollutants. Therefore, they prefer living inside closed windows and doors to avoid contact with the toxins.

However, it is a common misconception associated with pollution. Researchers have proved that the method does not work. Indoors are, in fact, two to five times more polluted than the outdoors.
Moreover, having someone in the house who smokes regularly worsens the situation.

Thus, corporates came out with an innovative solution for solving the problem with the air purifiers. It has gained a lot of popularity over these years. Nowadays, there are tons of air purifier products available in the market. Purifiers come in different price ranges combined with various features. Therefore, choosing the right air purifier can be a long and tedious process.

As a beginner, one must identify their needs, study good products’ features, and choose accordingly. To make the process easier for them, a list of the ten best air purifiers is compiled below.

Best Air PurifiersCheck Live Price
1. Dyson Pure Humidify+CoolCheck Price
2. Mi Air Purifier 3Check Price
3. Blueair Classic 280iCheck Price
4. Coway Sleek Pro AP- 1009 Air PurifierCheck Price
5. Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air PurifierCheck Price
6. Sharp FP- J80 Air PurifierCheck Price
7. Blue Star BS- AP490LAN Air PurifierCheck Price
8. Philips AC 3256/20 Air PurifierCheck Price
9. IQAir Health Pro Air PurifierCheck Price
10.TruSens Z-2000 Air PurifierCheck Price

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Best air purifier

10. TruSens Z-2000 Air Purifier

Product Size:23.0× 23.0× 56.0 centimetres
Product Weight4.1 kilograms
Product Area375 square feet
Power Consumption28 Watts
Noise Level32-66 DB
CADR302 cubic meter per hour
Filter Type Pre-filter, Carbon filter, HEPA filter, UV Sterilization
Package Warranty2 years
Package ContentsAir Purifier, three filters, Plug, SensorPod, Pluf for SensorPod

Reason To Buy

  • SensorPod connected with the device and placed at another end of the room sends it data
  • 360° DuPont Filteration
  • Color-coded LED display
  • Filters are pre-installed
  • Three options of fan speed change
  • Portable

Reason To Avoid

  • Creates a high noise level

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Best air purifier

9. IQAir Health Pro Air Purifier

Product Size 38.1× 40.6× 71.1 centimeters
Product Weight 35 pounds
Product Area 75 square meters
Power Consumption 6-38 Watts
Noise Level 23-53 DB
CADR 315 cubic meter per hour
Filter Type F8 PreMax Filter, V5 Cell MG Filter which consists of activated carbon, a Hospital Grade Glass H12/ H13 HEPA filter
Package Warranty 10-year limited warranty
What It Include Air Purifier and User Manual

Reason To Buy

  • Claims to provide 38% longer filter life, 32% less noise, and 25% more clean air
  • Good for allergy and asthma patients
  • Equipped with Patented HyperHPEA, about 100 times more effective than standard HEPA

Reason To Avoid

  • Non- economical
  • IoT compatibility not available
  • The large size and bulky

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Best air purifier

8. Philips AC 3256/20 Air Purifier

Product Size47.4× 34× 79.8 centimeters
Product Weight9.8 kgs
Area Covered by the Product1027 sq ft
Power Consumption60 Watt
CADR397 cubic meters per hour
Noise Level63.8 DB
Filter TypePre-filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Double Layered H13 grade HEPA Filter
Package IncludesUser Manual, Filters, Air Purifier

Reason To Buy

  • Particle Removal Efficiency is 99.7%
  • PM2.5 feedback and 4 colors AQI lights
  • AHAM, ECARF, Almeida Certified
  • VitaSheild IPS Technology
  • Nano Protect Filters

Reason To Avoid

  • Good Battery BackupGood Keyboard
  • Inbuild NVIDIA Graphic card

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Best air purifier

7. Blue Star BS- AP490LAN Air Purifier

Product Size19.5× 37× 65 centimeters
Product Weight8 kilogram
Product Area 800 square feet
Power Consumption 88 Watt
Noise level33-49 DB
CADR915 cubic meter per hour
Warranty2 years on product,1 year on filters
Filter TypeHEPA, Activated Carbon Filter, Ioniser, UV
Package IncludesAir Purifier, User Manual, Remote Control

Reason To Buy

  • Timer mode can enable the user to set a particular time after which the device turns off automatically
  • PM2.5 Numeric Display
  • Purification happens in seven stages
  • Silent Mode and Child Lock Available
  • SensAir Technology
  • Economical

Reason To Avoid

  • Replacement filters are not available everywhere
  • Digital meters sometimes give false numbers

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Best air purifier

6. Sharp FP- F40 Air Purifier

Product Size20.9× 38.3× 54 centimeters
Product Weight4.8 kilogram
Area Product Covers200 square feet
Power Consumption1.2 Watt
Noise Level43 DB
CADR408 cubic meters per hour
Filter TypeHEPA, Pre-filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Plasma Cluster Technology
Package IncludesAir Purifier, Set of Filters, User Manual

Reason To Buy

  • Filters 99.99% bacteria, virus, mold, and allergens
  • 20° airflow helps in cleaning the dust from roof to floor
  • Haze Mode uses Plasma cluster ions to remove impurities
  • Low noise levels.

Reason To Avoid

  • Does not feature PM display
  • Smart Love Connectivity not available

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Best air purifier

5. Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air Purifier

Product Size20.7 × 38.2× 48.6 centimeter
Product Weight6.5 kilograms
Area Covers30 sq. m
Filter TypePre-filter, Activated Carbon, HEPA
CADR250.0 cubic meter per hour
Power Consumption53.0 Watt
Noise Level38.0-64.4 DB
Package IncludesAir Purifier, Filter ( Set of 2), and Product Manual

Reason To Buy

  • 3D airflow technology allows the air to reach the farthest corner of the room
  • Child lock keeps the toddlers away from the device
  • The filter has a long life; it can work up to 9 months if used for 8 hours every day
  • Best choice for asthma patients
  • Noiseless performance

Reason To Avoid

  • Has a Large Size
  • The pre-filter needs regular cleaning

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Best air purifier

4. Coway Sleek Pro AP- 1019 Air Purifier

Product Size41.5×24.5× 52.5 centimeters
Product Weight7.1 kg
Area Covers355 square feet
Filter Typefilter, Patented Urethane Carbon Filter, Green Anti Flu True HEPA Filter
CADR303 cubic meters per hour
Power Consumption38 Watt
Noise Level22- 49 DB
Warrantyfive years warranty on the motor and one year on product
Package IncludesAir Purifier, three filters, Power Cord, User Manual

Reason To Buy

  • Three high-quality filters trap 99.99% of Allergens, Bacteria, and Germs
  • World’s number one brand of air purifiers
  • Deodorization Filter filters bad odor, chemicals, VOCs, Cigarette smoke and Formaldehyde
  • Has filter replacement and Air Quality Indicator
  • Night mode turns off AQI light for complete darkness
  • Turbo mode enables quick cleansing

Reason To Avoid

  • Expensive

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Best air purifier

3. Blueair Classic 280i

Product Size53.0× 44.0× 21.0 centimetres
Product Weight10.0 Kilogram
Area Covers279.0 sq feet
Filter TypeHEPASilentTM technology ( High- Efficiency Particulate
CADR340 cubic meter per hour
Power Consumption20-80 Watt
Noise Level32-56 DB
Warranty5-year om product ( 1 year standard+ 4 years extended on registration)
Package IncludesAir Purifier and Product Manual

Reason To Buy

  • Controlled over WiFi on the Blueair Friends app and compatible with Alexa
  • Air Quality Sensors speeds up when it detects a drop in the air quality of the room.
  • The filtration technique cleans the room with less noise and energy
  • Certified internationally

Reason To Avoid

  • Take time to purify the air
  • Poor quality of the application
  • Does not have a screen to display data

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Best air purifier

2. Mi Air Purifier 3

Product Size53.0× 44.0× 21.0 c: 24.0 ×24.0 ×52.0 inches
Product Weight4.80 kg
Area Covers279.0- 484.0 sq ft
Filter TypeHEPA, Pre-filter, activated carbon
CADR380 cubic meter per hour
Power Consumption38.0 Watt
Noise Level64 DB
Warranty1 year from the date of purchase
Package IncludesAir Purifier, User Guide, Power Cord, Filter

Reason To Buy

  • WiFi-enabled and works with Google Assistant and Siri
  • Cleans the air swiftly and removes all pollutants
  • OLED touch display and 360° air intake facility
  • Has laser particle sensor
  • Minimalistic design

Reason To Avoid

  • if the speed is increased above two, it can get a little noisy.
  • The remote controller is absent
  • Low-quality filter

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Best air purifier

1. Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool

Product Size12.28 × 12.28 × 36.33 inches
Product Weight12.79 kg
Area Covers600.0 sq. meter
Filter TypeHEPA
Power Consumption40.0 W
Control TypeDyson Link app
Warranty2 year from the date of purchase

Reason To Buy

  • Fully sealed 360° filtration system
  • Can be controlled by voice command with Alexa or Siri
  • Holds various options of Jet Axis Control
  • Night mode and Sleep-timer features available
  • Asthma and allergy-friendly
  • Easy to install

Reason To Avoid

  • Average Battery Backup Bulky design
  • Pretty expensive
  • The fans are rotated manually as they cover only 90 degrees average Battery Backup

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Final Overview List

SNProduct Name
1.Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool
2Mi Air Purifier 3
3Blueair Classic 280i
4Coway Sleek Pro AP- 1009 Air Purifier
5Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air Purifier
6Sharp FP- J80 Air Purifier
7Blue Star BS- AP490LAN Air Purifier
8Philips AC 3256/20 Air Purifier
9IQAir Health Pro Air Purifier
10TruSens Z-2000 Air Purifier

Guide for purchasing the best air purifiers

Air purifiers provide the best way to clean the indoor air. Apart from protecting the residents from the outdoor pollutants, it also filters dust, smoke, pollens, cooking gas, and other impurities from the air. It is especially beneficial for people suffering from respiratory problems.

Nowadays, there are many products available in the market. Each purifier comes with its own benefits and shortcomings. Therefore, it gives a customer a chance to choose from a large number of options freely. However, the availability of such options also complicates the process as it puts buyers into a dilemma.

At times, the customers grow frustrated. As a result, they pick out the most expensive ones for doing the basic tasks. Therefore, one must narrow down their choices based on the various categories and functions the equipment serves.

Price and brand are two most important factors one should consider while buying an air purifier. One must remember that the equipment needs change every 12- 15 months. Therefore, the company must also provide sound after-sales services.

At the same time, air purifiers are expensive. Therefore, one must buy the products with a long warranty period to protect themselves from manufacturing defects.

Besides these factors, the following are some of the important features that must be considered before making a purchase:

Filter Technology

The air purifiers use different techniques and processes to filter the air. The filter size and the materials used for its construction determine the overall performance of the purifier. There are many types of filters available in the market. The customer must choose the filters based on the requirements and necessities.

Air Purifiers with HEPA ensure 99.8% elimination of allergens, including pollens, animal skins, dander, molds, and spores. It can even remove particles that are smaller than 0.3 microns.

Pre-filters are ideal for the people residing in construction areas. They have the capacity to eliminate large particles before the primary process of filtration begins. They should also be chosen by the buyers who have pets in their homes.

Other filters are used in combination with the HEPA to increase the safety and quality of the air. Activated Carbon Filters help in absorbing gases and odors. UV Filters sterilize the air, and Germicidal Filters are used in eradicating germs.

However, along with choosing the right filter, it is important to change it at particular intervals for the purifier to work efficiently. While HPEA and other filters are replaced every six to fifteen months, a single activated carbon filter’s lifetime is three months. Therefore, the cost of replacement filters should also be considered while buying an air purifier.

The credibility of the Manufacturing Enterprise

Since air purifier is a big investment, you can’t buy the product from any ordinary company. One must verify the reputation of the company before purchasing the product.

Reading the reviews and asking the previous users about their experiences can clarify your doubts. Choosing a good manufacturer that provides quality products should be your goal.

At the same time, certain certifications and labels must be looked for on the packaging. The air purifier work round-the-clock.

Therefore, it must consume less power. The customer must look for the Energy Star logo to verify its energy consumption. Generally, the air purifiers consume 50- 600 watts for functioning properly.

The buyer must also look for an AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) verified seal. It confirms that the equipment has the capacity to clean tobacco, dust, and pollen from home. Besides, it also verifies the Clean Air Delivery Rate ( CADR) of the product.

Higher the CADR, the more efficient the purifier is. Portable purifiers combined with HEPA has to be assigned the highest CADR.

Noise Level of the Product:

Apart from the quality of air a product provides, it is also important to know if it makes noise. A product that makes a lot of noise can disturb the environment of the house. Such devices cannot be even used on night mode as it can disturb an individual’s sleep.

Therefore, the customer must buy an air purifier with a noise rating of around 50 decibels. They can find the noise level of the machine on its label or its official site.

It is recommended that the buyers use a large unit and run it at a slow speed to achieve this result. One can also run the unit at a high setting when he is absent from the room and turn it down when nearby.

Space Available in the House

A person owning a house with limited space must think carefully before buying a purifier. Most of the purifiers available in the market are bulky and consume a lot of space. Therefore, the customer must look for the AHAM seal to verify which room size can fit the purifier.

The following sizes of air purifiers are available in the market

Small: An air purifier of small size can be kept in a room of 299 square feet. They are specially designed to clean the air of personal space.
Medium: The medium-sized air purifiers can be used in rooms having area 300-699 square feet.
Large: Large sizes can purify rooms of area 700- 1900 square feet.

Certain air purifiers can eliminate impurities from the whole house.

Special Requirements

Certain people suffer from respiratory disorders, and others are allergic. Many have adopted pets. Under these circumstances, their preference would change depending upon their health condition and their pets.

The people suffering from asthma or allergies must consider the air change rate ( ACR) of the air purifier before buying it. The ACR determines the amount of air that is filtered in an hour in the given space.

The ideal rate is four times per hour for allergy and asthma patients. At this rate, the air is purified thoroughly, and any microscopic particle that can trigger the symptoms can be eliminated before it causes any trouble.

The best air purifiers for allergy patients are the ones designed with multiple filters. Someone suffering from asthma or triggered by odor and chemical pollutants should opt for an asthma air purifier or a chemical air purifier.

The houses having fireplaces must opt for Smoke air purifiers to remove fireplace shoot, smoke, and other associated fumes that can negatively impact the resident’s health and the odor of the house.

The people having pets must choose the ones that filter animal hair, skin, dangers, and odor from the house. If you are sensitive to certain chemicals, air purifiers are also available for you. They do not release gases into the air and trigger the Symptoms of the user.


In addition to these factors, one can loom for other features according to their need. They can look for the air purifiers controlled by WiFi networks or over the voice commands of Alexa or Siri.

They can also contain air quality indicators that give real-time updates about the quality of air. The air purifiers having night mode can be used overnight. Some purifiers also have timer mode by using which the user can turn the purifier on for a certain period, and it turns off automatically.

Castor wheels enable the users to move the air purifiers around the home. In a few machines, even the fan direction could be changed according to need. Some devices even indicate when the filters would require replacement.

Certain manufacturers provide the facility to lock the settings and prevent them from being changed by a child. As a result, injuries are prevented.

Features that should be avoided while purchasing an air purifier

The air purifier must not have a strong motor. The high strength of the motor allows the air to pass quickly. As a result, it is not filtered properly. A strong motor also affects the filters’ durability and can fray the strands of HEPA filter plates.
A purifier that does not have enough carbon should also be avoided. The proper amount of carbon helps in the elimination of VOCs, germs, chemicals, and odors. Therefore, the product must provide at least 2.5 inches of diagonal filtration and a deep bed of granular activated carbon for the purifier to work efficiently.
The air purifiers only having HEPA filters are not a good choice. HEPA may eliminate 99.8% of impure particles, but odors and chemicals pass through it easily. These can affect the health and well-being of the individual on a long term basis. For an air purifier to be the most effective, an activated carbon filter is a must.
The customer must not buy non-verified products. He must research the proof papers and reviews and learn about the product before buying. Remember: it is a lifetime investment, and you can’t waste the chance. If you fail to get any satisfying papers, ask the manufacturers to give them.


Good quality air has become a luxury today. Thus, air purifiers have become a necessity. Investing in such expensive products is indeed a big deal. Therefore, one must carefully go through its instructions, features, and disadvantages before buying it.

Every air purifier is different. One can opt for the basic models that clean out the air or purchase those filled with features. It depends upon the individual’s needs and requirements. The size and the weight of the product also matters.

If someone purchases a heavy product for their house, it will be difficult for him to move it around the space freely. If a person resides in a small house, the air purifier must be of a regular size.

The advancement in science and technology has its disadvantages. Pollution is one of them. Therefore,
if science pulled humanity into this mess, then it must pull them out too. With amazing features and extraordinary advantages, air purifiers are created to help us out regarding this matter.

Therefore, if you are tired of living by breathing the dry and impure outdoor air, it’s time you give this product a try. Fresh air can not only help in maintaining a healthy body but can also brighten up your mood. So, what’s stopping you now from surfing the market?

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